Building a JDM 1991 Honda NSX - Part 6 | KW V3 Coilovers, Mishimoto Radiator, New Strut Brace & More

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28 日 前

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Eric Gon46
Eric Gon46 6 日 前
The editor putting the guitar sounds 😂😂🤣🤣
ReggaeDubSoundSystem 12 日 前
When Ricky had his hair up he looked like an older version of Christopher Reid (KID from Kid N Play).
MaxZM189 15 日 前
Man I would love to turn wrench's on my shitty 06' Honda Accord EX and not have it look so bad! I just don't have the tools you guys do. Give away for tools? I'll be first on that list!
Darren Ma
Darren Ma 18 日 前
I suggest replacing the front studs for extended studs in order to run that spacer. My buddies NSX front studs snapped and replaced with extended studs for better safety for the 5mm spacer
JDM Passion
JDM Passion 22 日 前
Car looks awesome, you guys are doing a top job, as you always do.
BarbWalters 22 日 前
That Kid & Play hi top fade
Nikos jp
Nikos jp 23 日 前
I love this car! good job
Jeff G
Jeff G 23 日 前
Intro music hits different
Dj Sniper
Dj Sniper 23 日 前
Hello guys great work btw I want to ask you if is there a possibility to you guys teach me how to make or where I can find sport bumpers and others body kits. Appreciate very much.
nicholas mihail
nicholas mihail 24 日 前
I have the V2's and I feel the same way! Best riding coilovers I've ever driven on
Alex Flores Jr.
Alex Flores Jr. 24 日 前
Can i have the old radiator form nsx???
Wayne Flynn
Wayne Flynn 24 日 前
Am I the only one who had anxiety over not having covers over the panels while working on it?
George Brown
George Brown 25 日 前
y'all should make your own kit car
Silas Hunter
Silas Hunter 25 日 前
Where is the FREK Content?!?!?!
Jacob Elmore
Jacob Elmore 25 日 前
What was that beat at 8:52
Antonio Rodriquez
Antonio Rodriquez 25 日 前
Anubis KilO
Anubis KilO 25 日 前
I use to like this channel. But it's so fucking cringy now
Ricky has a lot of wheel spin
Omar Alhalabi
Omar Alhalabi 25 日 前
you gotta repaint the brake calipers the fluro and the bronze does not look good together at all
jose medina
jose medina 25 日 前
Aos on the sti next ?
Austin Cyphers
Austin Cyphers 26 日 前
Let me guess black and highlighter color scheme , get something new I want to like this Chanel so bad
Mohd Yazid Abnel
Mohd Yazid Abnel 26 日 前
Hahahahaa its like your beard but updside down
brusen hy
brusen hy 26 日 前
what’s the song called?
B_EATS ASMR 26 日 前
Visual 26 日 前
Thought they painted those calipers??? 🤔🤔🤔
guido baiocchi
guido baiocchi 26 日 前
Ricky looked like a Puerto Rican kid and play
Lane Strange
Lane Strange 26 日 前
where’s the civic?
James Abadilla
James Abadilla 26 日 前
13:07 lol
B Frankz33
B Frankz33 26 日 前
Vaccum bleed. Can be done in a few min. With zero bubbles without even turning the key on.
Lee Begin
Lee Begin 26 日 前
removes red strut bar...installs white strut bar
datboired832 26 日 前
Kid n play in the house lol
Keon 26 日 前
Can anyone tell me the name of the song in 13:14 pleaseeeeee
Chad Jackson
Chad Jackson 26 日 前
You know vacuum bleeders aren't that expensive
billionboy01 26 日 前
Have you considered a wide body kit? With a sick offset with advan wheels?
supastr33t 26 日 前
I would think a brand as quality as mishimoto, you shouldn't have to shave the stock fan... just saying.
Frank Compitello
Frank Compitello 26 日 前
Name of song at .18 sec
Dreamer_btv Dreamer_benjie
Dreamer_btv Dreamer_benjie 26 日 前
Come on Ricky we need more of you at cars 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dreamer_btv Dreamer_benjie
Dreamer_btv Dreamer_benjie 26 日 前
@Ricky you are the best 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kovillen Pillay
Kovillen Pillay 26 日 前
Do you sell parts for a Datsun Go, 2018,1.2, AB
ianblake1980 26 日 前
sooo you removed the OEM fender hardware with the original paint intact to put some rice washers and bolts? thats a big no no, nobody is going to use that hook looks cleaner covered, change that flo yellow calipers color, please :)
Borislav Georgiev
Borislav Georgiev 26 日 前
Big asss wing is a must 💥💥💥
Jovanni Colon2
Jovanni Colon2 26 日 前
Film at the meet on Saturday!!!!
s2108320 26 日 前
Really loving the production quality on this video .... keep it up gents
rqkq pq3
rqkq pq3 27 日 前
Too many commercials.... Is throttle hurting for money that bad? Keep it up and im done watching smh
throtl 26 日 前
Take it up with JPgoon. That’s all automated now.
Prethink's Sneakers Store
Prethink's Sneakers Store 27 日 前
OMG !! I can't believe Throtl get UR Bars !!
Manny M
Manny M 27 日 前
How much horse power does that down star hardware add?
Nytrex 27 日 前
Needs more floral yellow
Kifuri Wong
Kifuri Wong 27 日 前
fuh Trottl pun dah pakai Ultra Racing hahaha
amirul syazwan
amirul syazwan 27 日 前
I see ultra racing 👀🇲🇾
MrJulianess 27 日 前
The upside down Mickey was jokes
FLIP diecast
FLIP diecast 27 日 前
Beautifull suspention
Danny Hansen
Danny Hansen 27 日 前
Isn't it possible to get Torx instead of those shitty allen key crap you guys always put on the cars? Nothing worse then the allen breaking or going over when you can't get them out after som time! Worst invention ever! Also kw3 is the best you can get.. they ride so smooth even though it's low!
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 27 日 前
If your breaking Allen keys on M5 & M6 bolts you might want to reconsider your torque settings. We haven’t ever broken or rounded an Allen key when using DownStar products. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Steven Domingo
Steven Domingo 27 日 前
Ricky...destroyer of words
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 27 日 前
@Rickie RunningSolo - I like to think of it as #RickieStylez grammar. 🖤
Rickie RunningSolo
Rickie RunningSolo 27 日 前
That's my middle name 😁
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 27 日 前
Pablo Lopez
Pablo Lopez 27 日 前
I like Ricky vibe great video 🤘
FullNelson 27 日 前
anyone know the song name @ 10:26 ?
Spuriously_ 27 日 前
What's the song in the beginning?
W J 27 日 前
Nice..."Kid n Play!' hairstyle. Gr8 work Ricky.
Rickie RunningSolo
Rickie RunningSolo 27 日 前
Let's goooo!!! 😁
iam can
iam can 27 日 前
Cody walker car 🙄🤔🤔🤔
Zakary Win
Zakary Win 27 日 前
They really called their gloves “Gorilla Grip” 🤣😭
Mr Pleezy
Mr Pleezy 27 日 前
I like this videos but I don’t know most or any of the parts they use so what’s the strut bar for?
Mr Pleezy
Mr Pleezy 25 日 前
@Mickey Andrade oh ok thank you
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 27 日 前
To add rigidity to the chassis.
Phil Butler
Phil Butler 27 日 前
One thing I absolutely lobe about the NSX build is that old car squeak on the interior, I hope you dont take that away it is nostalgic and adds character
Michael Razumov
Michael Razumov 27 日 前
Dream car 😵
shafiqamier hamid
shafiqamier hamid 27 日 前
0:55 & 1:55 that strut bar come from Malaysia. thanks guys for supporting our products. Ultra Racing is a well known product for safety bar & struts in Malaysia.
o t
o t 27 日 前
Rickie looking like kid n play
Rickie RunningSolo
Rickie RunningSolo 27 日 前
SKiZ416 27 日 前
OMG Ricky is Kid from Kid'n Play
Rickie RunningSolo
Rickie RunningSolo 27 日 前
Ciro Conserta
Ciro Conserta 27 日 前
Camera is going to die soon
Aristo Jose
Aristo Jose 27 日 前
anyone else getting the green bar flickers during the video??
Ionuț Corduneanu
Ionuț Corduneanu 27 日 前
Kw parts are like 💩
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 27 日 前
Not really.
Jeffrey Caves
Jeffrey Caves 27 日 前
FYI if you haven’t drained the whole cooling system. If the green coolant and blue coolant mix it will eventually become jelly.
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 27 日 前
That is not true when using Peak OET coolants. They are formulated to be added to existing cooling systems.
Brian Antoine
Brian Antoine 27 日 前
Evan, where did you get the carbon fiber door handles for your e36? I've been searching but can't find those anywhere.
James Cook Jr.
James Cook Jr. 27 日 前
Throtl ViP squad Good evening Mickey Rickie Evan Rick Victor Big Jeff and the rest of the team awesome more NSX content 👍😊
James Cook Jr.
James Cook Jr. 26 日 前
@Rickie RunningSolo hi buddy how are you doing today 😊👍
Rickie RunningSolo
Rickie RunningSolo 27 日 前
James !!!!
Antonio Holguin
Antonio Holguin 27 日 前
Back in 08, I installed mustang springs on my sentra ser SpecV. Retailer sent me the wrong ones, with NO markings. THNKSFRTHMEMRS
maynard barredo
maynard barredo 27 日 前
I love your content keep it up
Rickie RunningSolo
Rickie RunningSolo 27 日 前
Thank you 🙏
Ayden Ruff
Ayden Ruff 27 日 前
In the background I could hear door beep going off when he was talking and I didn’t know I have good hearing like this after I got hit by my moms shoe
Anna Ueno
Anna Ueno 27 日 前
Before the wheel gap wasn´t bad , but not good either . The car is sitting even higher that was before ? Full adjustable coilovers with lower rate springs should solve the problem . I´m not sure , but let the helper springs all extended like that to allowed the car to sit lower all the way to the bump stop may not be the best thing to do , and also kill the suspension travel . I´m not 100% sure , if someone knows more about it , please let me know .
GMK 27 日 前
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 27 日 前
I agree! They look amazing.
Karlo Galanto
Karlo Galanto 27 日 前
I wish we can see this in the track. Throtl's NSX, Teej and duts fast and furious inspired mustang and 350z
JC Bear
JC Bear 27 日 前
Literally my dream car!!
Steve L.
Steve L. 27 日 前
Mickey likes to talk shit but Ricky has way better taste than just painting everything floral yellow
Seikers 27 日 前
Detail the wheel wells like I did to mines! Makes such a huge difference and seeing the aluminum clean is so satisfying.
Josh Quack
Josh Quack 27 日 前
The calipers are still fluoro 😅
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 27 日 前
Yup! Thank goodness.
Angelo Matudio
Angelo Matudio 27 日 前
Song title please 🙏
RTM Danny
RTM Danny 27 日 前
What happen to the kia stinger gt2 ?
Rickie RunningSolo
Rickie RunningSolo 27 日 前
She gone !!
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 27 日 前
Rickie sold it so that he could acquire the R8
Shimmering Splending
Shimmering Splending 27 日 前
Get a honda sir and build it for a race
Maxzel Satria
Maxzel Satria 27 日 前
Rickie's vibes made my day🔥
Rickie RunningSolo
Rickie RunningSolo 27 日 前
Daniel Allen
Daniel Allen 27 日 前
Any performance mods coming for this thing?
Trevor Purchase
Trevor Purchase 27 日 前
I don't know if it's just me. But the drop down sun visor is wrinkly and I could stop staring at it. Are you guys looking to do the roof lining of this beautiful car?
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 27 日 前
The sun visors are in disrepair and could use replaced. However, the headliner is in fantastic condition.
throtl 27 日 前
It's not wrinkled at all. It's actually grey suede :)
bobby stanley.
bobby stanley. 27 日 前
god i love the sound of honda v6 engines
Carlos jeovany Renderos
Carlos jeovany Renderos 27 日 前
Rickymartin always 🔥
Rickie RunningSolo
Rickie RunningSolo 27 日 前
Ermite Pas net
Ermite Pas net 27 日 前
I love NSX 😍😍❤️👊🏻
JNASLDN 27 日 前
Rickie RunningSolo
Rickie RunningSolo 27 日 前
Jason Snodgrass
Jason Snodgrass 27 日 前
Every time I see someone take a tophat off of a strut on a bench I get anxiety.. I know they're coilovers but it still freaks me out
Ayden Sides
Ayden Sides 27 日 前
the 91 nsx is my favorite car ever!
Grind Sultan
Grind Sultan 27 日 前
Front brake rotors are on backwards still. The slots should be slashing into the pad not flowing it it. Also, do any of you ever torque to spec? I have yet to see it actually done in any of your videos. Keep up the builds and thanks for the content boys.
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 27 日 前
Actually, they aren’t. This is the rotation the manufacturer called for on the rotors. They are correct. And yes, we do use torque wrenches. What you see on these videos is maybe 15% of the work that actually happens. Thanks for your concern and support!
Xyrone Cruz
Xyrone Cruz 27 日 前
Love that it's not a FLOURO tow hook! 😀
Angry Mike 67
Angry Mike 67 27 日 前
Ricky the narc , I mean cop... Not as cool as he seems. . . . .
Rickie RunningSolo
Rickie RunningSolo 27 日 前
Stay angry Mike 😠
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 27 日 前
You’re right. He’s way cooler than he seems!
michael archer
michael archer 27 日 前
Are you guys going to change the steering wheel?
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 27 日 前
Not likely.
Marques Suggs
Marques Suggs 27 日 前
I've worked wondered on how Trotl's hierarchy went... whose like the "owner", n what is everyone's like "job titles".... Also.. is this the sole income for all of the Trotl crew?? Or do ppl have 2nd, 3rd, jobs?? Thx for the feedback n madd props to yalls channel.. love then content.. keep it 💯 boys!!!
Jackson Strain
Jackson Strain 27 日 前
Pretty sure Evan, Rick and Mickey started it and own the business
Spdu4ia 27 日 前
Those calipers kill the whole vibe
Danny 27 日 前
I love when Ricky says Mitchimoto 😭😭😭
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