Building a Modern Day (Fast & Furious) 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX - Part 1

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17 日 前

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Keegan Aldrich
Keegan Aldrich 日 前
The add before this video played was for the new Eclipse suv, blasphemy.
Atthapol Kevin Tran
Atthapol Kevin Tran 2 日 前
where can I find an automatic of this car?
Th3LonWolf 3 日 前
I’m so glad I found this channel along with this GSX installment. I can’t wait to see more.
Ben Heynen
Ben Heynen 3 日 前
A vaccuum leak that means the gage stays at lower pressure? Doesn't a vacuum leak mena you would be reading closer to zero rather than further away? I think the gage is just slow to react. Pressure test the intake with Shop air, you will find it straight away! Ahh wait.... There you go!
Eric Gon46
Eric Gon46 3 日 前
A homemade smoke test is what I used for vacuum leaks
IamJaySaul 3 日 前
this warms my heart, SOLD my DSM a few years ago for a 350Z and Charger RT.. STILL MISS this car.. only turbo ive owned.. keep living the dream bruh.. shout out to DSMCanada.
Grooove e
Grooove e 4 日 前
Even just finding an older DSM let alone a clean one is pretty rare nowadays. Buddy of mine has a 98' GSX with 30k original miles and he only drives it once or twice a year
bumperxx1 4 日 前
for a 1999 or 1998 thats clean as shit
Infinity 5 日 前
Used to own 3 of these wallet destroyers. First one as a poor college student, involuntarily made me a mechanic. Couple of things: Since you're not running a GM MAF, you should not vent the BOV to atmosphere. The stock MAF accounts for the air that is being dumped and thus will run super rich between shifts. Turbo appears to be a 16G or 20G since it appears to be using a aJ pipe, they flow a more air than the stock T-25, 15psi may be good enough. Also, not sure what kind of 02 housing it's running, but you may get boost creep on some pulls. It's been over a decade since I sold all these cars off, nice to see one still alive and kicking (previous owner should be shot for the dumbass badges and decals. And Evo license plate mount? really bro? smh.)
StaxxxCmd 7 日 前
Ricky seems like a cool dude
Lo Xpectationz
Lo Xpectationz 7 日 前
5:55 is that a Suzuki Capacchino?
dsm_angel 7 日 前
Now this is a build ill watch JPgoon for.
A 7 日 前
Blew the welds on the manifold bro
A 7 日 前
Too bad it's junk
Rawor 7 日 前
The original fast and furious eclipse was a turbo'd non turbo (neon engine) car
Rawor 7 日 前
@Garrett Walters your welcome *flys away*
Garrett Walters
Garrett Walters 7 日 前
Thanks captain obvious.
Alex Papadopoulos
Alex Papadopoulos 8 日 前
DSM'r since 07 here, if y'all need any help, LMK =) 4G63's are my jam
MSEngineering David
MSEngineering David 8 日 前
First off please dont ruin a 2nd gen with your throttl trash... the FAF eclipse was a fking 420a... dime a dozen.
Andrew Gonzales
Andrew Gonzales 8 日 前
The original car was a non turbo 420a. This will be much better than the movie car.
Joe Rodriguez
Joe Rodriguez 8 日 前
Yes !!!!! Love to see ppl working on dsms! Cant wait to get mine up
jorge irizarry
jorge irizarry 9 日 前
The eclipse from fast and the furios movie is a 420a not a GSX.
Garrett Walters
Garrett Walters 7 日 前
FLAYZ Rush 9 日 前
kgkustomz97ser 9 日 前
gsx was a great platform, but im willing to bet that the car in the movie was a GS with added sound effects
Garrett Walters
Garrett Walters 7 日 前
No need to bet, they show the 420a in the movie and they show it doing FWD burnouts. Also it has been confirmed by those that worked on the film to be a GS.
Sergio Cacciatore
Sergio Cacciatore 9 日 前
excelente canal tuning....
Aaron Norrie
Aaron Norrie 9 日 前
I hope one day I can see you guys have a Lexus LFA hans blacked out style 😍
Genesis Xiong
Genesis Xiong 9 日 前
the 5zigen wheels for the win
Angel Redondo
Angel Redondo 10 日 前
GabrielTheGuitarist 10 日 前
ALL YALL JPgoonRS KEEP BUYING THESE ECLIPSES, SAVE SOME FOR THE REST OF US. I miss my 95 :( I've been trying to find a GSX for the past 15 years.
Love all the 2G love
Scarface Gaming
Scarface Gaming 11 日 前
Part 2 please
DSM jUhnky
DSM jUhnky 11 日 前
When I had my DSM... I used a spray bottle of soapy water an sprayed at all the vital areas/connection points where a leak may occur. Thus if there was a boost leak during the test you'll see bubbles indicating the leak. The injector seals are also notorious for dry rotting an leaking under boost. Others used a smoke test. Either way works better than just trying to hear for a leak. Glad to see this one in good hands.
SvsRyder 11 日 前
I was gone for a while, and now i see this build. I guess I'm back on the wagon.
Aerobaticspy 572
Aerobaticspy 572 11 日 前
You should of check the intake manifold gasket
smokeybanddit 12 日 前
Lol imagine spilling your drink in the battery’s
Zack Nix
Zack Nix 12 日 前
The real greedy be Bov are known to leak the fake ones are the best
Neon Ghoul
Neon Ghoul 12 日 前
I am SO Excited for this build. I suspect thisll be my fave build to date
Nikko Cavalier
Nikko Cavalier 12 日 前
Yeaaaaaah its a autobots.... put the emblem again jajaja
NEPTUNE117 12 日 前
The rice and furious eclipse was a 420a fwd shit box. It wasn’t the GSX or GS-T with the 4G63T.
Garrett Walters
Garrett Walters 7 日 前
Oh thanks I didn't know that already /s
jaime reyes
jaime reyes 13 日 前
16:04 *2 dudes that look bored* 😐
Константин Конев
Константин Конев 13 日 前
Какой быстрый троллейбус получился из кобры 😄 ну звучит, по крайней мере, как троллейбус
Adam Schisler
Adam Schisler 13 日 前
What's the plan for the gsx after it's finished? A keeper, raffle or for sale?
dc rob
dc rob 13 日 前
Thats not the fast and the furious motor
WhiteDwarfVR4 13 日 前
If you really want to recreate Brian's car, that thing really needs a 420a, I'd even be willing to buy that old 4G off you for cheap.. LMAO! Syke! 6 bolt is my jam 😜
So excited for this build!!
jerry henderson
jerry henderson 14 日 前
The first car that Tesla made was a electric Shelby kit car .
alrestauro 14 日 前
How about the gauge? It's an old car maybe your getting false readings from the sensor? Just saying...
Ecliphelion 14 日 前
Good luck on the giveaway guys!
Alex Nazarian
Alex Nazarian 14 日 前
eclipse or evo mr?
Gaming-4-Diabetes 14 日 前
Valve covers on these cars crack so easy. Hard to spot.
D4Real 14 日 前
massive amounts of low down torque and instantaneous acceleration will always be waaaay more fun than top speed. like, i wouldnt give a shit if had a car could only hit a top speed of 100 MPH if it could do 0-60 in 3 seconds
Patrick Dunmore
Patrick Dunmore 14 日 前
boost leak test should have been the first thing done... aftermarket cheap BOVs always leak...
Lifesabishi 14 日 前
Glad to see another soon to be widebody dsm :D
MTheory 14 日 前
Brings back TERRIBLE and FANTASTIC memories with my GST and GSX 20 years ago... looking for a clean 2gb Talon now to play with.
nicoxis 14 日 前
Wouldn't it be easier to start with compressed air and then spray soapy water?
Gavin Stewart
Gavin Stewart 14 日 前
electric is the future bruh. finish up that 350ev!
Rodrigo SColares
Rodrigo SColares 14 日 前
Hey brother, I have an Eclipse GST 98 and I installed a mishimoto Intercooler and I am having temperature problems above 194ºf (90ºC), mainly at high speeds. Would you know how to give me a hint of what may be happening? My radiator is original. Congratulations on the video and success on the project.
A Z 14 日 前
Can we see the gauge now that it's fixed?
Masked Pianist
Masked Pianist 14 日 前
I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse and I love it
Larry A.
Larry A. 14 日 前
Haven’t finished the video but could it be the gauge ?😅
- RedTango -
- RedTango - 14 日 前
The Hero car from F&F (Brian's Eclipse) had the non-turbo 420A engine with 140hp and a 5spd transmission. Hope you guys will do better :)
K3ITH 14 日 前
As an og turbo dsm owner, this hurts to watch. My 98 gst was the same color, cayenne red pearl.
Hi_ There
Hi_ There 14 日 前
Brothers we need the civic to be done..when are you guys going to fully built it??
Charming Cthulhu
Charming Cthulhu 14 日 前
Good lord guys stop the eclipse videos before I get one lmao they're drying up all over the place cant find gen 2 ot 3s anywhere
Colton 14 日 前
Have they addressed the F&F Eclipse was a 420a? Glad to see they went 4g63.
Dallas Cruz
Dallas Cruz 14 日 前
Finally a fast car
JDM Right Hand Drive
JDM Right Hand Drive 14 日 前
Nooooo, Monica!
FREEDOM 1776 14 日 前
Never vote for any Demorats!!!😔😔😔
Matthew Rubin
Matthew Rubin 14 日 前
Where are you located I have the same problem for my gst
Up Factory Racing
Up Factory Racing 14 日 前
Holy crap electro race car is nutz!
Up Factory Racing
Up Factory Racing 14 日 前
First off in F&F Brian didn't even have the 4G63t it was the dodge 420A motor you can tell by the intake and valve cover it's still a DOHC motor but no turbo I believe it was the same motor Dodge Neons had in their SXT versions.
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish 14 日 前
I feel somehow violated about an electric cobra.. those things were popular because of how obnoxiously loud they are.
DIY337 Gaming
DIY337 Gaming 14 日 前
Camera too shaky
Abu Ahmed
Abu Ahmed 14 日 前
i wish mitsubishi came back in sports car :(
Zek The Penguin
Zek The Penguin 15 日 前
I wonder how much slower throtl would get cars done without Ricky. This dude works hard.
Vix dibe
Vix dibe 15 日 前
Jake Valent
Jake Valent 15 日 前
R Gungler
R Gungler 15 日 前
Looking forward to see what you all are going to do to this GSX!!!
NORB CREW 15 日 前
Finally a dsm!!!
steven nye
steven nye 15 日 前
I can't wait to see this finished I hope this will be a giveaway I want a gsx soooo bad
Thatmanwan •
Thatmanwan • 15 日 前
Blip downshifts please
Andrew Fletcher
Andrew Fletcher 15 日 前
Why would you put fresh oil in before fixing the leaking valve cover gasket?!
nicohlas ooka
nicohlas ooka 15 日 前
This is the build I have been waiting for.
crash 'n' burn
crash 'n' burn 15 日 前
Like if it ever be finished!
jdsim9173 15 日 前
Perfect oil may be a bad sign of someone hiding metal shavings
Oscar Vazquez
Oscar Vazquez 15 日 前
Love this car hope to see how it turns out
David Fredriksen
David Fredriksen 15 日 前
Brand new oil could also be a bad sign... Word to the wise.
Shombie Dixon
Shombie Dixon 15 日 前
Clean as eclipse
HeWhoChills 15 日 前
When these cars came out, I was only in middle school. Compared to what cars were out at the time, this car looked like a spaceship to me.
Malakai Buttle
Malakai Buttle 15 日 前
Just entered my very first giveaway, feels kinda nice lmao, love the videos!
Trials and Tribulations
Trials and Tribulations 15 日 前
Soapy water in spray bottle. Run car Idle spray all sources to find leaks and do a boost leak use a tester or build one. Jafromobile has good how to on how to make & use one. Do an Electric AWD Eclipse build car same paint scheme from the movie.
Flexing 15 日 前
hell yes a GSX man. i sold mine afew months ago but i want another
Byron Ruiz
Byron Ruiz 15 日 前
Where’s DSM Miguel at!
Braggenrites 15 日 前
The EK?????!!!!!.....
blake gaumer
blake gaumer 15 日 前
If Carol Shelby we’re here today to see this!!! Finish the Z!!!!!
Henry Ramirez
Henry Ramirez 15 日 前
Mike bonilla
Mike bonilla 15 日 前
Note to self check the blow off first
Jamboree Gomez
Jamboree Gomez 15 日 前
That's a fucking rocketship!!
Juandiego Ramon
Juandiego Ramon 15 日 前
Bruh the camera shakes so mulch it makes my eyes eyes hurt
Shaneey 15 日 前
5:40 thats a phrase women are used to hearing "COME ON BABY IM QUICK" haha
Smashed Cannabis
Smashed Cannabis 15 日 前
got to stay the gsx is a dream car of every 90s kids and if you get lucky you can get a eagle talon lol i still want one before they are all gone to rust!
NissanHyoryuLyfe 15 日 前
How were you able to find a clean eclipse? I used to have a gst back in 98 but sold it. Wish I would have kept it.
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