Building a Modern Day (Fast & Furious) 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX!

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19 日 前

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Making Mapp
Making Mapp 日 前
Why you fellas hate a tan interior?
Shawn Massey
Shawn Massey 4 日 前
The lacking faucet delightfully jail because purchase beautifully announce given a foregoing chance. whole, dull forecast
Bigboy Nigga
Bigboy Nigga 4 日 前
Click bait
Victor Rivera
Victor Rivera 5 日 前
Is a 95 eclipse a reliable car ? I want to buy one at 17 but he says it comes with a bunch of problems, is that actually true ?
Kid lid
Kid lid 6 日 前
I’m looking to buy.
Garrett Walters
Garrett Walters 7 日 前
lol Memo is a fuckin sad excuse for a DSMer
Garrett Walters
Garrett Walters 7 日 前
Subaru Bad DSM Gud
AndrewS7 7 日 前
I have a 1999 Mitsubishi Merage could you guys buy that car and make a nice modern day out of that car and a nice wrap on it plz. 😌😌😪😪
Car Guy66
Car Guy66 10 日 前
Ricky isnt the best carpet cleaner I see. Get a carpet "steam cleaner." It sprays warm water and then you vacuum it up
Bukznasty Beef
Bukznasty Beef 11 日 前
I’m surprised they didn’t buy a GST but it’s gonna be a dope build!!
Luke Fountain
Luke Fountain 13 日 前
Love the NSX 👌🏼
AmbisionZ of Rva
AmbisionZ of Rva 13 日 前
Ok so im sitting in my 99 tahoe and cant seem to unsee that those headrests look verrrrryyyyy similar to gmt400s 🤔🤦🏾‍♂️😂 please see do they swap i realllllyyyy wanna know just for laughs i guess 😂🤣 P.S. i vote for a jdm shop truck #throtl style of course. Would love to see what you guys come up with....bagged tacoma mini truck style with a 2j 🤔....static mazda b100 (cant remember the truck name) with a rotary 🤔.....old datsun truck with a rb 🤔...just my 2 cents 🤷🏾‍♂️
Only problem i see is the motor. The one in the movie was a 420a trashy motor. You should swap it for a galo20 or a galo 24. Lmk when you notice what im talking about.
Randi Saputra
Randi Saputra 13 日 前
Hello my name is Randi I'm from Indonesia
Awesome 😎
Ivan Muhh
Ivan Muhh 14 日 前
andrew perlmutter
andrew perlmutter 14 日 前
I love this car I attempted to buy one in HS but could never get one
Alex Nazarian
Alex Nazarian 14 日 前
its beautiful
XY Zebruh
XY Zebruh 14 日 前
My mk3 Supra has been in storage for 15yrs too
ReconSpectre 14 日 前
Wait... am i dreaming ? HYPE
Kyle White
Kyle White 14 日 前
Building a F&F style Eclipse, but not using the body kit? What kind of blasphemy is this? Lol. The Blitz body kit for the 2G Eclipse is one of the most iconic body kits ever, and one of the few early 2000s body kits that actually still looks good (IMO).
FREEDOM 1776 14 日 前
Never vote for any Demorats!!!😔😔😔
Bruce Romero
Bruce Romero 14 日 前
Can't believe your going to destroy a Gsx.... For some views. You should have gotten the purple spyder from 2fast to furious
Levi Hawk
Levi Hawk 15 日 前
Anyone else see that huge spider above on the sun roof at 1:58 😂
Rudolf Baez
Rudolf Baez 15 日 前
GSX it's really hard to find, you've found the perfect 1!! I wouldn't wast it in turning into a FAF car tho
Zukanlachi Fow
Zukanlachi Fow 15 日 前
I love this car eclipse❤
Oscar Vazquez
Oscar Vazquez 15 日 前
My dream car 😍
Selvin Duque
Selvin Duque 15 日 前
Hey bro I’m doing a Manuel swap on the same car!! You got any tips or if you can help?
Henry Ramirez
Henry Ramirez 15 日 前
THANK YOU!!!!!!! DSM FOR LIFE! Edit #1: you want to track down the interior of a 99 GS Oz Edition, thats almost all black.
agent29319 15 日 前
woof didn't unplug the battery before the detail and sprayed the computer cables with cleaner
Steve Rivera
Steve Rivera 15 日 前
JPgoonrs never seen a real dirty car before. They complaining about tiny smudges 😂
Keagstand 509
Keagstand 509 15 日 前
Be careful so you dont get it taken from the fast and furious owners.
Second4218 15 日 前
That poor Eclipse GSX, getting ruined by horrendous body kits and terrible mods.
Chad Andersen
Chad Andersen 15 日 前
Bought a Progress rear sway bar and Skunk2 LCA's. Hopefully I win the Subi too haha
James Rhoades
James Rhoades 15 日 前
There were no GSX's in the fast and the furious green paint. That is a fact. From the producers of the movie themselves. Only GSTs were used.
Tom 15 日 前
Kyle 15 日 前
Using that carpet spray and wiping it off with a microfiber is the weirdest shit you guys do. Spray the carpet with carpet cleaner, agitate with a brush or drill brush, and extract it with a dang wet vac.
john oneil
john oneil 15 日 前
shes been one of my dream cars since I was a kid. looking forward to this build guys
Maple Monarchy
Maple Monarchy 15 日 前
Super excited to see this project come along! Can’t wait to see what you guys will do to it
Boom Squad
Boom Squad 15 日 前
Hopefully it looks like the rendering by time its done!!!
Rulux 15 日 前
Why are these becoming popular when I wanted one Christ this is gonna make this way harder
pak developz
pak developz 15 日 前
rickie looking like brian o corner without cap
Mati 15 日 前
nsx is the best car ever made to me
SerJ96 15 日 前
Отлично, парни занимаются хорошим делом!
Auto Passion 27
Auto Passion 27 16 日 前
Oh yeah a new cool project!
Jackson Diamond
Jackson Diamond 16 日 前
If y’all are gonna toss the interior hml 👀👀
JT vs Tha World
JT vs Tha World 16 日 前
Fast and furious eclipse was a 420a dodge neon engine. Should have got an automatic, good luck to the crank and bearings...
Jack Samora
Jack Samora 16 日 前
Yeah Take off that green bro it’s cool but it’s gonna get old
Alex Dorado
Alex Dorado 16 日 前
Does your mom Work is a one year ago I am in the middle The New I really time to a pp You The Thought you’d probably myself fashion
Zach Niedrich
Zach Niedrich 16 日 前
Anyone notice that Evan looks like one of the hosts of celebrity deathmatch.
nick ruffier
nick ruffier 16 日 前
I’m just over here with my first car(97gs) currently being rebuilt, and my bone stock 99gst with a blown engine.
steven nye
steven nye 16 日 前
I hope this will be a giveaway I need this 🙏😍
JoeG Cards
JoeG Cards 16 日 前
This going to be sik going watch all of this !
Don Terpstra
Don Terpstra 16 日 前
No butt plug?!
Pete Martynenko
Pete Martynenko 16 日 前
Y'all should do a VW GTI or Golf R
Rob Balinski
Rob Balinski 16 日 前
ooooh man a stock under seat amp!?!? non of my 2g's had them left!
Claudio Francisco Gutierrez Peña
Claudio Francisco Gutierrez Peña 16 日 前
YES!!! A DSM!!! I love it!
Matt Cates
Matt Cates 16 日 前
What did Ricki use to clean the seats? That stuff worked a miracle
Luis A
Luis A 16 日 前
DSM time Nice!
Gregorie Rivera
Gregorie Rivera 16 日 前
Fire the cameraman you guys talking about the engine and only got a 3 sec shot of it😒😒😒
This color is actually super rate on the eclipse. Glad to see lot of hype around DSM's lately.
ax_eclipse 16 日 前
Now I'll regret selling my Eclipse lol
Damian Retana
Damian Retana 16 日 前
Fast and the furious eclipse had the 420a Neón engine. You have the 4g63 evo1-3 engine . Way better
Manuel Hernandez
Manuel Hernandez 16 日 前
First driving impression: que Diablo es esta mierda 💩 🤣🤣🤣
Daniel 16 日 前
Jongens! De Nederlandse youtubers van Twins. tv hebben een afgebrande Lamborghini gekocht. Zij gaan deze repareren. Gaat het ze lukken?
Da Ace
Da Ace 16 日 前
Hey bro if you don't mid could I buy them seats off you my gs needs them please 🙏
Tan Nguyen
Tan Nguyen 16 日 前
i just sold my 98 eclipse gst spyder last week with 34k miles i miss it everyday!!! glad to see you doing a eclipse
Roberto Alvarez
Roberto Alvarez 16 日 前
I saw Balboa Park, then you driving on the 805 S and knew I had to subscribe to a local.
The Orange Scourge
The Orange Scourge 16 日 前
Lambo Doors!!!! DO eeeeet
Jeremy Rodriguez
Jeremy Rodriguez 16 日 前
Finally you guys are doing a Eclipse! FINALLY!!!! #SaveTheEclipse
Liam NIre
Liam NIre 16 日 前
Was that thing used for the Dakar Rally??? 😂
christopher bugarin
christopher bugarin 16 日 前
This brought back so many memories ... I had to give up my eclipse about 8 years ago and have wanted another ever since ... can’t wait to watch this build
Jonathan Breeden
Jonathan Breeden 16 日 前
Yessssss finally
Сергей Карапузов
Сергей Карапузов 16 日 前
you bought it from a Russian
K. Nguyen
K. Nguyen 16 日 前
Literally my first time actually getting excitement from watching a build!! 🔥🙏🏼
Pro Pheaktra
Pro Pheaktra 17 日 前
Finding Funkos From Than to Now
Finding Funkos From Than to Now 17 日 前
Local junkyard to me.has a line of eclipses. I get all my black interior from these cars here in northern Mn. Really good shape yet too. Leather and cloth. And door panels and also the full interior. Lmk
Jay Are
Jay Are 17 日 前
The 95 4G63 Cyclone turbo motor is better no crank walk
G Frosty
G Frosty 17 日 前
Dsm =instant like
Chitransh Chouhan
Chitransh Chouhan 17 日 前
It’s an Autobot. It’s already great.
Casey Merritt
Casey Merritt 17 日 前
I’m excited to see this one since I drive a 1997 Eclipse gsx as a daily
Adrian Trd
Adrian Trd 17 日 前
Love this project ( nfs underground 2 ) inspiration maybe 👍
The DSM Broadway
The DSM Broadway 17 日 前
Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dream has come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
MONKEE OG 17 日 前
let me guess. more highlighter stripes. LOL
jtaheri223 17 日 前
Change the title of the build right meow!!! Unless you checked with the B is for Build lawyers already....
Anthony Van Valete
Anthony Van Valete 17 日 前
I love all the vids guys♥️
David Pietranczyk
David Pietranczyk 17 日 前
This is gonna be SICK
Trev0or 17 日 前
If i win. That front splitter thing coming off lmao
Matiase _10
Matiase _10 17 日 前
Hagan un canal en español, aunque sea como el de carwow latinoamerica👍🏽 Soy lento para traducir todavía :v
Antni 17 日 前
Love that you guys are giving DSM’s love but i gotta be honest, the f&f builds on them are really tired.
the JDMkid
the JDMkid 17 日 前
Ive always loved the 1999 eclipse i plan on getting a gsx after high school
Bruce Bakker
Bruce Bakker 17 日 前
I remember buying a GSX and driving it home for the first time last March. Its a very special feeling.
Nicolas Crescimone
Nicolas Crescimone 17 日 前
U pick the wrong eclipse, you need the 2.4 fwd
man0fst33l91 17 日 前
You guys should just buy and good vacuum that also sucks up water and just go to town on the carpet
Darckoo13 Terror y Exploración
Darckoo13 Terror y Exploración 17 日 前
So clean eclipse #savetheeclipse
Simon Neumaier
Simon Neumaier 17 日 前
Really nice but i loved the Blue one more. You Are so gineus
craiggotgame 17 日 前
Oh, I’m going to like this one!
Gorilla Bass
Gorilla Bass 17 日 前
That black subi is insane! Great videography though 👌
jordan anderson
jordan anderson 17 日 前
Id like to see you guys do a svx
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson 17 日 前
suddenly i feel like the value of my eclipse gsx has gone up lol
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