Building a Showroom Style Garage [COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION]

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LATICRETE International, Inc.
LATICRETE International, Inc. 28 日 前
We love how this came out! We’re glad we could be a part of the transformation! For those of you wanting information on how to get this done in your own garage just reach out to us at
APM Scootering
APM Scootering 2 日 前
Best tile supplies and flooring? Never knew you guys did this... that's awesome
Mark Perez
Mark Perez 11 日 前
Great job
LATICRETE International, Inc.
LATICRETE International, Inc. 22 日 前
@Mark Brown that we are!
LATICRETE International, Inc.
LATICRETE International, Inc. 22 日 前
@Merv C Thanks!
LATICRETE International, Inc.
LATICRETE International, Inc. 22 日 前
@Ahmed Al-Nabhani thank you!
Karen Took the Kids
Karen Took the Kids 4 時間 前
This is my garage in gta lmao that’s crazy good looking
Meet Deeman
Meet Deeman 日 前
how much for the flooring only please.
Nick 日 前
Finally @6:15 someone decides they don't want lung cancer...
Slypanda 日 前
Hexagon lighting when?
Gabby Jim
Gabby Jim 日 前
Where did you get the cabinets from?
Al Mb
Al Mb 2 日 前
do they offer those cabinets with sliding doors?
Mike Kerwin
Mike Kerwin 2 日 前
I like the floors on the finished garage, the work bench looks good sir.The storage in the loft area is a great idea I would like to do that in my garage
APM Scootering
APM Scootering 2 日 前
Just stumbled across your channel, I'm def looks awesome bro.
Nathan Padgett
Nathan Padgett 3 日 前
Absolutely gorgeous garage! Very well done.
DreLaw Productions
DreLaw Productions 3 日 前
Love the cabinet's;what brand are they?
Ben 4 日 前
Those the floor get real slippery when wet?
Charles Singleton
Charles Singleton 5 日 前
Joaquin Solis
Joaquin Solis 5 日 前
Is it super slippery?
Cam Hoff
Cam Hoff 5 日 前
You copied @Cameron Alford you even used the same music he did
john milligan
john milligan 6 日 前
Hey! My Daughter's name is Penelope!
Donavin Roberts
Donavin Roberts 7 日 前
That floor is money!
Hayes Crawford
Hayes Crawford 7 日 前
That GRASS is pristine at 11:05 haha
Shaun The Sheep
Shaun The Sheep 7 日 前
You've just earned yourself a new subscriber my man 👍
Gerardo Peaney
Gerardo Peaney 8 日 前
Where did the water heater go?
Jamiethemtbaddict 8 日 前
Man that looks great. The cabinets and the floor look awesome
KMA 8 日 前
What is the name of cabinets and where can i boy them?;)
Bruce VanApeldoorn
Bruce VanApeldoorn 9 日 前
Best showroom garage done by a normal guy that I have seen. Congratulations! Can't wait to see how you are going to manage your water hose :)
HotOneRecordz 9 日 前
That shit came out dope asf
AK 10 日 前
How much did it cost?
Jim Profit
Jim Profit 10 日 前
I want to come over and eat ice cream in it
Bryan Oliveira
Bryan Oliveira 11 日 前
BMW'S dont drip. They piss oil
All that storage and you leave the hydraulic pump on the floor against the wall?
Jondakilla54 12 日 前
I think the only thing missing is a sink!
Frappie 247
Frappie 247 12 日 前
Damn I thought the after results in the thumbnail was fake! But it was not. U earned another subscriber
Marcel Dillion
Marcel Dillion 12 日 前
they didnt tape the drywall to give a nice crisp line for the black primer on the baseboard:/
Mickxal 12 日 前
The Black Floor looked amazing.
E S 12 日 前
Ultimate man cave!!
Dean Firnatine
Dean Firnatine 13 日 前
James Niggemann
James Niggemann 13 日 前
your garage is bigger and more expensive than my whole house..
Mik3 5959
Mik3 5959 13 日 前
Looks way better than tj’s
Alec Russo
Alec Russo 13 日 前
Can I be nosey and ask how much this whole project ran?
Germain Gaudet
Germain Gaudet 13 日 前
Beautifully done! The next and final are new garage doors. Check out www dot walkthrugaragedoors dot com . I look forward to assisting you with your project and then your project will be COMPLETE!
James Wightman
James Wightman 14 日 前
Apparently building a showroom style garage consists of just having your friends do it, leaving and then coming back with a camera saying, "wow looks like they did a lot!"
tktGNK 14 日 前
Saw this after TJ’s vid
Rowdy Rips
Rowdy Rips 14 日 前
kinda annoying how u showed the finish product at the beginning
Peter Wang
Peter Wang 14 日 前
That flooring gota be more than $10 per sq ft, 4K easy
Warren Yarter
Warren Yarter 14 日 前
I want to pet your dogs!!!! Garage looks beautiful! 👍🏼
E Z 14 日 前
Very very nice
Hakopa Wilkie
Hakopa Wilkie 14 日 前
This is so sick!
jbright97 15 日 前
I really wanted to watch but you jerking the camera around made me dizzy.
Jerod and Nicole Leftige
Jerod and Nicole Leftige 15 日 前
The garage came out great!!! Goals!!!
Brandon soto
Brandon soto 16 日 前
Time for a grey tool box
Brian G
Brian G 16 日 前
Looks nice👌 I didn't think those beams needed to be there either🤣
throtl 15 日 前
They are load bearing, so yes they do unfortunately.
Firelord360 16 日 前
Very nice garage, I could fit a lot of motorcycles in there 🤘🏽
Timboah 16 日 前
It looks so clean, reminds me of a gta 5 garage lol
Dmitrii Uskov
Dmitrii Uskov 16 日 前
I dream to live in a house with garage like this
Mike Seldomridge
Mike Seldomridge 16 日 前
Great job, Vert jealous. Mans dream
Brofessor _
Brofessor _ 16 日 前
that black baseboard looks pretty wack, but those cabinets look pretty nice.
Courtz courtz
Courtz courtz 16 日 前
The floor 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
Akira 16 日 前
Mad reno, nothing better than having a nice place to work on the car & being at home with the fam 👌
Jaxon Christiansen
Jaxon Christiansen 17 日 前
Appoxy cracks when it gets cold so good luck for winter 😐
throtl 15 日 前
Don’t have much of a winter here in San Diego. 👍🏻
Jeff Flogerzi
Jeff Flogerzi 17 日 前
Love the garage man. Gotta say yours looks better than TJ hunt's 🤣
men cavigelli
men cavigelli 17 日 前
It looks 10 times bigger, how?
NickyJay Beats
NickyJay Beats 18 日 前
That one green rolling cabinet is throwing it off for me tho, I personally think; you should put the rollers from the green cabinet on another brand new exact replica of the cabinets that you bought but instead you could put the roller wheels on the bottom!
Leticia Perez-George
Leticia Perez-George 19 日 前
Wow on the transformation
rappeezy 19 日 前
yo unsweet black tea is the shit. keep fighting that fight we can't bow to the haters.
Trevor Follett
Trevor Follett 19 日 前
looks so good but maybe change the green toolbox, it doesn't really fit the color scheme of the area
Romeo Anderson
Romeo Anderson 19 日 前
“Just a few more tools to put in here” **17 drills**
J.A.R. Family
J.A.R. Family 19 日 前
That flooring is absolutely beautiful!!! I love it. I will for sure be looking into that product.
Sir_Wilo 19 日 前
Wow that looks beautiful
Sheldon Wiebe
Sheldon Wiebe 19 日 前
nice, needs more lights tho
Jim Regala
Jim Regala 19 日 前
14:22 Loving the Obsessed Garage "Bawlbs"
Stephen C Wilson
Stephen C Wilson 19 日 前
Would love to know what the price tag was!!
Paul Mount
Paul Mount 20 日 前
Looks absolutely amazing
Andy Bullen
Andy Bullen 20 日 前
I’ve seen quite a few garage floor epoxy jobs, this was the most thorough by far, great job!
Jeff 20 日 前
Awesome job! If you ever scrape popcorn again, use a garden sprayer to dampen the popcorn first. It will come off super easy
aalexaayala 20 日 前
So clean!! I wonder how much it all cost!? 🤔
Gustavo Tessaro
Gustavo Tessaro 20 日 前
Where did you get the cabinets?
Matthew Queen
Matthew Queen 20 日 前
Bro why didn’t you try to do any of the work
Rolling Art
Rolling Art 20 日 前
What do you do for a living?
199696625 21 日 前
Not bad way to spend 10 grand
robin 21 日 前
Where is the vise?
Jose Manuel
Jose Manuel 21 日 前
Pimp my garage
RealOneThreeSevens 21 日 前
This garage is sick! Don't know how this is the first video I've seen from this Channel lolsmh
Taylor Morales
Taylor Morales 21 日 前
If you dont mind sharing. Whats the average cost to get this marble floor done?
brian green
brian green 21 日 前
Evans shop is cleaner than my drive way
MOPARGuy 21 日 前
Is that floor slippery when wet?
MOPARGuy 21 日 前
Nothing like breathing in cement dust.
Danny Teng
Danny Teng 21 日 前
Garage be lookin like it’s gta v out here
adriann charles
adriann charles 21 日 前
Awesome 😎
Jon Gib
Jon Gib 22 日 前
When can in move in Evan .. ;)
LateNight Rituals
LateNight Rituals 22 日 前
Hellyeah, dreammmm garage
David Urdahl
David Urdahl 22 日 前
Lol no... No I wouldn't think it was marble...
IPlayFunny 22 日 前
Any one else think he sounds like Paul Walker??
Garrett Arsenault
Garrett Arsenault 22 日 前
Links to the storage cabinets?
Paul Khomiakivskyi
Paul Khomiakivskyi 22 日 前
damm bro i love how you set up you garage!!!
Cody Escobedo
Cody Escobedo 22 日 前
Hella sick
Bryan B
Bryan B 22 日 前
Has anyone asked yet, who makes the green tool box??
lechleuh63 22 日 前
Better than m’y home 😂
Eli Harmon
Eli Harmon 23 日 前
Price breakdown?
LATICRETE International, Inc.
LATICRETE International, Inc. 22 日 前
If you're interested in getting the floors done for your personal garage, send us an email at and our local rep can discuss options / price with you. Price varies based upon what work is needed and the look you want.
supbirdy 23 日 前
Such a level up!!
Jahsten Costales
Jahsten Costales 23 日 前
If you ever plan to scrape popcorn ceiling it’s way easier if you spray it with water in a pump sprayer
Aleksandr Shinoda
Aleksandr Shinoda 23 日 前
Гараж ценою в квартиру в России , за мкадом) и наши гаражи железные вспомнить 😂😂😂 hello in Russia ))
Nikolas C
Nikolas C 23 日 前
Garage straight outa gta
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