Building and Heavily Modifying a 2020 Ford Mustang GT: Part 6: We messed up...

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11 日 前

Well... The mustang is getting spicier by the week. In this episode, the Anderson composites hood & wing get selectively painted by Torrey Pines Collision and it turned out AWESOME! Then, Rickie and Mickey install the Ford Performance short throw shifter, add some interior bits, and toss on the anderson composites side skirts!
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luis gonzalez
luis gonzalez 日 前
Are these still available ? I want to buy
We took exhaust down as one piece was so much easier taking off the hangers from the body and leaving them on exhaust! Made it easy to put back! Don't forget to tighten the Carrier bearing really good when you put it back!
HELL FKN YEAH! Yes I know I did it on my Dad's Ecoboost! Short throw shifter! 3 hours from beginning to end! Jacking the car up on all 4 stands, removing, re-installing, and back on the ground! Mind you I was laying on my back! Up 'n Down, Up 'n Down, Up 'n Down, Up 'n Down, Up 'n Down!
Andrew Fugere
Andrew Fugere 3 日 前
That hairs gotta go
Shawn Massey
Shawn Massey 4 日 前
The placid kendo additionly protect because napkin eventually observe toward a clever paper. dramatic, rude witch
_PotterHead_ 4 日 前
Er pomello ?
Joe 4 日 前
Should've went with a Barton for the shifter
Ejike Okpa
Ejike Okpa 5 日 前
It kinda has a mach1 look to it!
Would you guys teach a teenager the work??
theonlykisboi 6 日 前
Literally binge watched all the mustang videos lol
Ryan Salazar
Ryan Salazar 6 日 前
Im not going to lie, I love the channel along with all the projects they have done. I have been watching for a good amount of time, but this car just doesn’t fit. Its ugly
Greg and_Machiko
Greg and_Machiko 6 日 前
Love this channel.
Mike Garcia
Mike Garcia 6 日 前
I'll pick them up if they haven't been sold yet
Seif Asi
Seif Asi 6 日 前
What kind of grease did they use for the short shifter ? It was like blue and I think I need to grease my shifter lol
Boom Squad
Boom Squad 6 日 前
Ooo I like that banner!!!
M W 6 日 前
Love the channel. Found after seeing WatchJRGo and his purchase of Nissan R32 - looks like it needs work (parts$$) but what a fun project
Mario Orsini
Mario Orsini 7 日 前
Adding some slotted brake rotors on would have a nice look.
SloSt 7 日 前
You guys still have them fenders??
Top Gama
Top Gama 7 日 前
The paint is different dumbnuggets!
elote big smoke
elote big smoke 7 日 前
Where is the throtle shop located in San Diego. Washington st?
Brandon Hackley
Brandon Hackley 7 日 前
White is the worst color on a vehicle ever, the carbon fiber looks way better
The_Cammed_Beast 7 日 前
To bad y'all didn't have a 1 piece driveshaft to go back into the car while y'all had it out
Aidan Vancura
Aidan Vancura 7 日 前
use the screw up with the fenders as a sign that they are STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUINS THE CAR
Yoda 7 日 前
What's cool about this video is I'm the guy that fixed the Mustang manual transmission problem in the year 2011 it was just a small pin with a hair )of space that the designers of the part couldn't see that was allowing the problem Kilian manufacturing was going to lose their contract with Mustang Ford the drafters show me the blueprint of the part and I asked them why is there a space in the blueprint and they said where it Can't be that's the problem. I just pinch the part with a needle-nose plier and fix the manual transmission of the Mustang the drafters of the part said oh my God why aren't you helping us behind the scenes you just saved so many jobs by helping fix the Mustang recall problem
jim hughes
jim hughes 7 日 前
Such a clean track daily.
Jake Coble
Jake Coble 8 日 前
You should put a gt350 style front bumper on it to drop the front end down
Nico Slomka
Nico Slomka 8 日 前
No ones gonna talk about the harbor freight impact?😂
Rickie RunningSolo
Rickie RunningSolo 8 日 前
She is strong 💪!!!
Kyle White
Kyle White 8 日 前
This thing needs RTR front lip, rear diffuser inserts, and grilles! Would look so sick!
Jamie Bauer
Jamie Bauer 8 日 前
What the wheel and tire set up
B. Rain
B. Rain 8 日 前
I'd be interested in the fenders.
JP Motorsport
JP Motorsport 8 日 前
Looking 🔥🔥🔥🔥 M already , sick man 🙏😎
Robert Mendoza
Robert Mendoza 8 日 前
I have an Oxford white 2016 mustang gt and I would love to have these. I just got the car and I’m so pumped and excited as this is my dream car to own.
glam1310 8 日 前
Black 5.0 lettering to replace the chrome ones.
Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell 8 日 前
Tesla model s plaid
Petr 8 日 前
Hi. My name is Petr, I'm from the Czech Republic and I would like to learn a lot from your hints. I'm not very good at English. I would like to ask you two things. How you achieved what you are doing now. what do I have to do for that? And if you would be so kind and give the videos the possbility of subtitles in Czech. Thank you Throtl!
melvin aguilar
melvin aguilar 8 日 前
Would you guys ever do a Honda Civic type R??
Feyzullah Çelik
Feyzullah Çelik 8 日 前
Vidyo each one of you what your horse until you remember that I was poor and penniless idiots like I'm dreaming greetings from Turkey, I hope you get my message reads very hopeless
Scott L.
Scott L. 8 日 前
What can you do for my 2011 GT?
MaxZM189 8 日 前
Love the Mustang guys I'm def. a fan boy for them but I like the tuner/Muscle look you guys are going for
MzykuRC8 9 日 前
you lift the cars with the jack on the diff?
Pratham Mamtora
Pratham Mamtora 9 日 前
I have a 17 oxford white mustang I’d love to get those fenders
Νίκος Παναγάκος
Νίκος Παναγάκος 9 日 前
why don't you start a Datsun 510 full building;
Aji Muhammad Handrianur
Aji Muhammad Handrianur 9 日 前
Jonathan Hanson-Casey
Jonathan Hanson-Casey 9 日 前
Check out the build318 mustang unreal 1000 hp stang
Phil McKrakin
Phil McKrakin 9 日 前
The Stang is looking sweet! Must be nice working on a brand new car like that. That short shifter install was pretty involved, but I bet that neon blue grease adds at least 25 horse power.
D. SANTANA 9 日 前
7:48 damn micky ngl that got me thinking about sum😈😈😫😫😫
Vevi 903
Vevi 903 9 日 前
More mustang content please
Jhenfher Montiel
Jhenfher Montiel 9 日 前
White mustang doesn’t look good. They have done so many other sick color. Look really plain.
yellosuit 9 日 前
You guys are doing an older "Z" car next is my guess / hope
Carmelo Jones Jr.
Carmelo Jones Jr. 9 日 前
@4:15 the musical affect added for the mistake. Story of my life, I think I'm only human too... Would've loved to see how you guys could've MADE IT FIT!!! That would've made it all the more custom, impressive and undeniably acknowledgeable, the kind of work The THROTL Shop is capable of... As far as Mustangs to this JPgoon World... BUT! When you got the money to make mistakes, I agree, FUK THAT! Just re-order the shit, but the right ones, and include overnight shipping! Fuk'n AWESOME! The Stang is coming together very well indeed.
toastyjohn 9 日 前
y'all are building these car so clean, cleanest on JPgoon. I wanna see y'all build every car, throtl spec 😈😈
Stephen Contreras
Stephen Contreras 9 日 前
‼️‼️Music on Point 💯💯
Dave Reyes
Dave Reyes 9 日 前
Gt500 front bumper be nice
Patrick Suerte Felipe
Patrick Suerte Felipe 9 日 前
mickey need a more aggressive front bumper
Zer0Gravity31 9 日 前
Wait so why didn’t Mickey buy a gt350 🤔
Josh Marcus
Josh Marcus 9 日 前
Me causally waiting for next week to get a Bugatti Chiron for $3,700,000 and they’re all in my investment on crypto...
Renoqi 8 日 前
Flex any harder and you might shit yourself mate
Anthony Brant
Anthony Brant 9 日 前
@Successful L•V•X you lost a gigantic opportunity.....
Cryptocoin Tm
Cryptocoin Tm 9 日 前
@Successful L•V•X You’re kidding me? So you didn’t invest in 2019 ( kudos for you, wise decision) and now you hesitate? It’s not just save now, it’s mandatory to buy BTzc before it finally blast off!
Successful L•V•X
Successful L•V•X 9 日 前
I thought of investing in cryptocurrency in 2019 but I was discouraged, is it safe now..?
Williams Smith
Williams Smith 9 日 前
@Edwin Steward @ True💯
terence zammit
terence zammit 9 日 前
This Mustang is gonna make me go For American Muscle.........Damn this thing looks Dope ...
Unknown Tech
Unknown Tech 9 日 前
Love the build but you gotta get rid of those chrome badges..its the very first thing I did on mine.
ThaRealJules 9 日 前
Make The Wheels Black 👀
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones 10 日 前
I have a 2015 Oxford white GT and am looking to get those exact fenders! Would love to discuss
Racerx 10 日 前
Looks awesome
D Kendall
D Kendall 10 日 前
Could’ve used some more grease ..
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 9 日 前
Yea, I’m actually gonna take it back apart and add some more.
Veli Eşki
Veli Eşki 10 日 前
wait, is that a supra! 3:11
Nawid Sied
Nawid Sied 10 日 前
The hood loooks shit and the wing I can live with that
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 9 日 前
Riddle me this Just being honest
Riddle me this Just being honest 10 日 前
I have watched 10 EPs of throtl what can I say your boring talk to much and take to many EPs to finish a project cars skid factory mighty car mods much better
Rickie RunningSolo
Rickie RunningSolo 8 日 前
I'll see you on #11 😁
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 9 日 前
Thanks for the solid critique. 🤙🏼
Kirsi Tompuri
Kirsi Tompuri 10 日 前
Are you going to upgrade front seats?
Rob Tognarelli
Rob Tognarelli 10 日 前
Ironic watching Mickey mess up while I'm in the delivery room with the wife😉
Abe L
Abe L 10 日 前
We need a throtl track day, feels like we’ve been waiting for ages :/
Alex Stava
Alex Stava 10 日 前
those pedals look slippery
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 9 日 前
They arent
Alex Stava
Alex Stava 10 日 前
that push to start button looks tackier than the previous
Samuel Ortega
Samuel Ortega 10 日 前
Is it just me or did they put the side skirts on the wrong way? The winglet is supposed to go towards the rear ?
Ben Hovell
Ben Hovell 10 日 前
You guys should do a tiburon build
michael hernandez
michael hernandez 10 日 前
The best duo, Ricky and Mickey😍
michael hernandez
michael hernandez 8 日 前
Wow! Getting reaction from Mickey & Ricky is love😍😍😍🇵🇭
Rickie RunningSolo
Rickie RunningSolo 8 日 前
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 9 日 前
Shiftdown5up 10 日 前
Sweet vid! But you didn’t tell us how you liked the shifter.
Eric Odeychuk
Eric Odeychuk 10 日 前
Why not do carbon side skirts and keep the carbon theme going? I feel like you guys cheaped out on that please go carbon..
Brandon Pineda
Brandon Pineda 10 日 前
Dams should have got the performance pack 1 is has most of the stuff you are putting new it now lol
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 9 日 前
Then I couldn’t make video. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Jacob Owens
Jacob Owens 10 日 前
Z update?
Jonathan Juarez
Jonathan Juarez 10 日 前
Dammit, my ‘15 is Wimbledon white lol
Gio Winn
Gio Winn 10 日 前
I have an Oxford white Ecoboost with a gt350 front bumper already I’m super interested in those fenders!!!
Ramirez Mario
Ramirez Mario 10 日 前
Should look into getting a one piece drive shaft
Jason Lewis
Jason Lewis 10 日 前
I mean isn’t it kind of inconsiderate to drive a giveaway car the sti I mean
Jason Lewis
Jason Lewis 9 日 前
@Mickey Andrade oh okay I understand
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 9 日 前
No. The car belongs to us until the winner is chosen. How do you expect us to give away a good car if we don’t experience them and make sure everything is 100%?
Zack ATron
Zack ATron 10 日 前
The original push button looks way better.
FullNelson 10 日 前
what song is playing @ 0:23?
TheDestroyer2 10 日 前
Is someone gonna tell Mickey he should’ve went with a MGW shifter? MGW is hands down the best shifter for the MT-82 transmission
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 9 日 前
You just did. 😉
tyler hudgins
tyler hudgins 10 日 前
Ricky “shake” Mickey “and bake” both fist bump.
Finnegann 10 日 前
I still can’t get over how there using cheap harbor freight screw guns
James Back
James Back 10 日 前
Evan never take your hat off
Rickie RunningSolo
Rickie RunningSolo 8 日 前
Daniel Gardner
Daniel Gardner 10 日 前
Looking sick. Weird design decision on the front of those side skirts haha
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 9 日 前
Blame the Shelby engineers. Lol
DJCamaros 10 日 前
you NEED to do a Camaro after this
Donival Robinson
Donival Robinson 10 日 前
What are the specs for the wheels and tires?
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 9 日 前
Rays 57DR 19x9.5 +25 - 265/35/19 Falken RT660 19x10.5 +35 - 305/30/19 Falken RT660
SuperCarSpotterz 10 日 前
Man they killed that paint on the hood and spoiler💎⚡️
W J 10 日 前
Well, love the upgrades! Is this car your personal vehicle Mickey? I'm waiting to see how much the suspension behaves with the next mods and definately see a supercharger in the future.
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade 9 日 前
It is for now. All the suspension upgrades will be happening this week!
Joshua Wesley
Joshua Wesley 10 日 前
Put an led reverse light in
Ge Thao
Ge Thao 10 日 前
The only things you guy messed up was lie people to watch 😆
robert bolan
robert bolan 10 日 前
Pitty about the color match
Muhammad Afiq
Muhammad Afiq 10 日 前
Calling @thekilacam
Jay Rev
Jay Rev 10 日 前
It's the little things that I love. The start/stop gt350 button.
Tetis -
Tetis - 10 日 前
“Ones got a bigger shaft than the other that’s forsure ! “ 💀 mans was so hyped to say that 💀
Anthony Ciccariello
Anthony Ciccariello 10 日 前
The devil's in the details these are all quick and inexpensive mods. Keep up the quality content
Donald Fite
Donald Fite 10 日 前
Someone please put the dumb yellow shift knob on the mustang while he's not looking! lol
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