How Much Did the ULTIMATE Subaru WRX STI Cost to Build?

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15 日 前

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In this episode, Evan breaks down the entire 2018 Subaru WRX STI build to share the build cost breakdown. From exterior modifications to performance & suspension, we hooked it up with high quality parts & products from Don't miss out, because this STI sweepstakes ends TOMORROW 3/31/21 at 11:59PM PST!
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lowlife74 日 前
$65,000 WRX STI,. From 310 hp to 335 hp. Money well spent. Or find a Camero ZL1 650hp for $55,000
lowlife74 日 前
Wrapping the rally blue killed me
65,000 $
Marc santos
Marc santos 2 日 前
Is the giveaway still on going or did y'all already do it
Bago Boy
Bago Boy 4 日 前
I'm waiting for my Did they announced a winner as of yet?
Gilberto Dejesus
Gilberto Dejesus 5 日 前
I got a ford focus and im just trying to paint my calipers with this color , does anybody know where i can find this sublime paint for it ? Trothl also the trotl stickers in the same color to supports the channel and what they do !! Can anybody tell me , thanks in advanced ..🤝
SLIMEface2o3 6 日 前
Who won?
Priyan Lokubandara
Priyan Lokubandara 7 日 前
This car is SLR,13,000,000🥴
sir B
sir B 8 日 前
You got a video of you rippin it?
MyGorilla1 8 日 前
From France with Passion ✌🏼🇨🇵😎
marvin 123
marvin 123 9 日 前
cant wait for my car
Tenderloin Salmon
Tenderloin Salmon 9 日 前
should i cancel the latest supra ??, oh my...
Mel Rob
Mel Rob 9 日 前
I loved the subi but it’s still slow
please leave
please leave 10 日 前
Porsche Exterior Mirror Upper Trims in Carbon Fiber - $1630
Hellblaue 11 日 前
65k is to much imo If you go that far with an sti you should have never bought an sti
anthony salgado
anthony salgado 11 日 前
I’ll be waiting for the call lol
Leonard Nose
Leonard Nose 12 日 前
I haven’t bought anything from these guy’s but i hope i can meet these dudes especially micky and ricky especially micky. Dude seems like a genius and love his beard no homo. Just would love to pick his brain and get the back story on what made him get into this stuff plus his training. Love the videos guy’s. You all are studs in my book.
Leonard Nose
Leonard Nose 12 日 前
I found these dude channel through tj’s but since then haven’t watched one of his anymore. Wish these guys were on the East coast.
Luke 12 日 前
I like it, but I am not a fan of the black wrap. The world rally blue is just too hard to beat.
Donald Strickland
Donald Strickland 12 日 前
Just ordered a Nissan 350z 2008 Stage 4 action clutch kit hopefully I win the Sti 😭😭😭😭
Maple_Syrup_Boy _
Maple_Syrup_Boy _ 13 日 前
At this point you have enough money put into the car... you could have gotten a Supra
donkyuhbuhts540 13 日 前
Was this car converted to speed density tune? If not ditch the bov and go back to a bpv.
Nico Slomka
Nico Slomka 13 日 前
I bought a carbon hood hopefully I got a good amount of entry’s in that give away 😂
throtl 13 日 前
👍🏻 good luck!
Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson 13 日 前
Hi , I have lots of money. Here's all my nice stuff. See how you don't have nice stuff? Too bad you don't have nice stuff. Have you tried having nice stuff?
Justin Gandara
Justin Gandara 13 日 前
I’d love to win this car... I’d lose my shit haha... Whoever does win this car tho you definitely win 2021
Justin Gandara
Justin Gandara 13 日 前
I’d love to win this car... I’d lose my shit haha... Whoever does win this car tho you definitely win 2021
Saucy Garage
Saucy Garage 13 日 前
65k for 330 whp lol
Petko Krushev
Petko Krushev 13 日 前
Carbon fiber eye lids..... LMAO, hey Throtl, do you know that it's not required to put all the cosmetic enhancements available?
Noodles 13 日 前
When and where are you going to announce the winners?
Chris Abad
Chris Abad 13 日 前
I’m going to need more stimulus checks
fraternals 13 日 前
swear this is my dream car 🥴
MaxZM189 13 日 前
Looks awesome guys! HOPE I WIN IT!!!
r4dius 13 日 前
The yellow in front spoiler and on the sides are too much
omazilla 13 日 前
Man I know everyone wants to win this beauty including me, my dream car right here.
maynard barredo
maynard barredo 13 日 前
I love subaru sti
Nathan Gwyn
Nathan Gwyn 13 日 前
I love your content. I have a '13 wrx hatch and I would love to build it the way you built the '08 hatch. Love you guys! You inspire me.
CAR MUSIC 14 日 前
You should use that Mario Kart start more often!👍
Scott Mcguinness
Scott Mcguinness 14 日 前
🤣everything is kinda round numbers... then comes the oil cooler kit “that’s around $487”🤣
Leva Mati
Leva Mati 14 日 前
Love watching you guys. And always looking forward to seeing new videos.
Jrom T
Jrom T 14 日 前
Just started watching this channel like an hour ago just saw the sti real quick in one of the eclipse vids my guess then was 60-70k nailed it lol. But honestly goodluck to whomever wins that thing is stunning
Ecliphelion 14 日 前
Good luck on the sweepstakes, hope someone lucky wins! :)
Ecliphelion 14 日 前
Enkei? Good choice
Mark Albiar
Mark Albiar 14 日 前
It'd be more fair if every purchase equaled 1 entry, so that way rich people don't have the advantage.
MrSanDiego Vlogs
MrSanDiego Vlogs 14 日 前
Shout to the guy who prices this all out and buys em at once for a build
MrSanDiego Vlogs
MrSanDiego Vlogs 14 日 前
Looking like reed richards with that grey hair old man 😂
Game Jesta
Game Jesta 14 日 前
i dn like The front lips..and yellow line too much
Henry Tran
Henry Tran 14 日 前
Total Cost $65k =)
SICBOY79 14 日 前
Such a badass car! Should've put an AOS on the car with being tuned and e85
Dmitriy Panasyuk
Dmitriy Panasyuk 14 日 前
I never win anything so i dont bother and im broke asf . but good luck and the universe blessed who ever wins .
Kaheem Lozer
Kaheem Lozer 14 日 前
Can you win outside of the us ?
Kai Deleon
Kai Deleon 14 日 前
I swear I thought they already made a video about it
Dexterous21 14 日 前
If you win do you have to pay taxes ? Or how does that work..
LOCATOR 14 日 前
cant wait to win this
VirtuesFN 14 日 前
Just order a cold air intake and Jdm for life sticker if I win this car I’m gonna freak tf out
James Back
James Back 14 日 前
lol $65k for 330hp. ricer status
knurri 14 日 前
No AOS??? shame....
Khyro Parris
Khyro Parris 14 日 前
I’m praying I win this lol
Dylan Fullerton
Dylan Fullerton 14 日 前
do u have to have vip to win the car
Dylan Fullerton
Dylan Fullerton 14 日 前
55 thousand
A Z 14 日 前
Sky Yu
Sky Yu 14 日 前
i wish i had a car
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 14 日 前
Gerald Rogers
Gerald Rogers 14 日 前
I need to win and then have two cars that piss off the neighbors in the morning 🤣 All in all it's a sweet ride to win.
Noodles 14 日 前
I hope I win, I am really wanting to become more of a car nerd and Throtl has helped me to become this, also winning a car from Throtl would change my life!
Jaheim Campbell
Jaheim Campbell 14 日 前
Am i the only one that loved the blue?
Mike Youngling
Mike Youngling 14 日 前
Was any spacer or wheel fitment needed for the 18inch by 9.5-35 offset
SubaWoo101 14 日 前
All I want is this subie and my life is complete 🙂🙂
The Secret Perk
The Secret Perk 14 日 前
I would never spend 65k on a STI. We literally could have built the whole motor and done 600hp for less.
A Person
A Person 14 日 前
330 eek
Edward saint denis Fermin rios
Edward saint denis Fermin rios 14 日 前
approximately they spent a good amount if I can guess heeeee a total of 25 to 30 thousand dollars
Insane Conqueror
Insane Conqueror 14 日 前
65k ain't really that bad considering what was done.
Insane Conqueror
Insane Conqueror 14 日 前
@The Secret Perk hmmmmm
The Secret Perk
The Secret Perk 14 日 前
are you kidding... we over spent on the wrong shit lol
Vlad Gliga
Vlad Gliga 14 日 前
Apart from that horrible front splitter that's like a snow plow, the car is amazing! Really surprised you didn't do a downpipe and full air induction kit, only a kn panel filter. I believe it has to do with Cali emission standards unfortunately..
Mayson Maust
Mayson Maust 14 日 前
Jesus is coming soon repent and turn to him
David Breitstein
David Breitstein 14 日 前
Its funny because here in Los Angeles when a WRX rolls up on me in my Civic, they're always afraid to rev their engines because they're afraid their engine will blow up... lol... maybe an auxillary oil cooler will help that pancake engine?... lol...
Filip Kiprijanovic
Filip Kiprijanovic 14 日 前
Andddd.... my country is not on your's page list...tooo badd... great car tho...
4C’s Garage
4C’s Garage 14 日 前
Anonymous 14 日 前
I love the car, but personally, I'd rather pick up a stock C63s or m3 for 50 grand instead.
Chace MD
Chace MD 14 日 前
$25k in parts to get 330 horsepower
Chace MD
Chace MD 14 日 前
Yeah you’re right. Plus they want it to be reliable for the winner
Mckenzie Barrera
Mckenzie Barrera 14 日 前
More money was spent on the aesthetics than power it seems like
hamburger 14 日 前
basically spent the same amount as the price of the car
dsb1829 14 日 前
Nice to watch, but if most were sitting on $65K we wouldn't be watching the channel. Imma go buy a t-shirt tho...
Yunior 14 日 前
Great informative video!!
Will Cordero
Will Cordero 14 日 前
How about a ae86 now that would be something
Zeffrey Doolittle
Zeffrey Doolittle 14 日 前
Halter Pascua
Halter Pascua 14 日 前
Y’all gotta do an 86, frs, or brz cause that build would be awesome
Sharief Jaffer
Sharief Jaffer 14 日 前
Noooo, too common
Mark Notley
Mark Notley 14 日 前
Big Money! Amazing build, can't believe someone is getting this almost free. You guys have kept the bar high as usual.
Faris Sal
Faris Sal 14 日 前
do a truck build next!
Joey Henry
Joey Henry 14 日 前
I got 57 thousand 🇬🇧👍
Captainsked Mark
Captainsked Mark 14 日 前
Enjoyed watching this build and I look forward to the eclipse build. 🤗😍
Christopher Moran
Christopher Moran 14 日 前
I’d say B $55,000 Also got myself a black hoodie and the quality is crazy good! Print quality is fire. Also got a jet tag and awesome quality as well
Pezzow B
Pezzow B 14 日 前
Those wheels to small for that car
Premium Auto Styling
Premium Auto Styling 14 日 前
Michael Morgan
Michael Morgan 14 日 前
This will be a dope to win. I love that y'all kept the top mount.
Juan More Mile
Juan More Mile 14 日 前
When I win this I’m getting a new oem rear bumper to get rid of those vents, removing the wrap, taking out the tow hooks, and lastly removing those pieces from the wing.
Trevor Gutierrez
Trevor Gutierrez 14 日 前
Next is a 280z??👀
Dependable Lion
Dependable Lion 14 日 前
I had a thought... what if ya'll did a Frankenstein build-off... Like Evan vs Ricky vs Micky all using fwd beaters to try and make the coolest version... like Camry's or Civics, or Focus's I think that would be a super entertaining youtube series...
Justin Andrew Doronila
Justin Andrew Doronila 14 日 前
If I somehow won do u guys ship to Canada?
Fabio Ghirardi
Fabio Ghirardi 14 日 前
i send to you tons of messages but no one answer. this is not the best treatment to who support you with subription, like allover your vids. i'm disappointed for that. my request is very simple: why you don't insert ITALY in the country shiplist? why??? in it there is also ICELAND.... ICELAND?! also ISLE OF MAN?? in isle of man there are 5 or 8 person, in italy we are over 70 million. please give me an answer. i wanna buy in your website but i can't!!!
throtl 13 日 前
Hey Fabio! Thanks for the comment. We JUST added Italy and many other countries to our approved shipping list! Thank you again for all of the support!!! :) -Evan
RuiGonçalves78 14 日 前
I just went to the website and it appears italy in the shiplist 🤷‍♂️
noah tramposh
noah tramposh 14 日 前
valoja 14 日 前
That yellow stripes.... 🤢🤮
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