(Rear Wheel Drive) K20 Honda Civic Hatchback is LEAVING the SHOP for it's NEW PAINT JOB!

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14 日 前

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Finally! The Civic is DONE with chassis fabrication and READY to go to BCC Unlimited for it's new paint job! If you want to see that process, hit the subscribe button and turn on the notifications so you don't miss an episode!
Thanks to S1 Built for the rear end parts & RWD/AWD Conversion Kit: www.s1built.com/
Eastwood Tungsten Grinder: www.eastwood.com/eastwood-tg1800-tungsten-grinder.html
Track Tuff Radiators: tractuff.com/t/radiators
Thanks to JDM of California: www.jdmcalifornia.com/
Thanks to @Team Boosted! jpgoon.info/flow/aqlc6K_yDOcBLyMz-uBGpg
BCC Unlimited: beyondtheclassics

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Bilal Anarwala
Bilal Anarwala 日 前
Yea build an is300
hevert pacheco
hevert pacheco 3 日 前
K24 IS300 build
Mike Banks
Mike Banks 4 日 前
U guys should definitely build a altezza/is300 for sure
Marc Aaron Placides
Marc Aaron Placides 5 日 前
2nd gen lexus IS build!!!
Sygnis 6 日 前
front cuts are depressing
Tdot Eva
Tdot Eva 6 日 前
Finally honda content back 😁
Ek9 Luis
Ek9 Luis 8 日 前
Na the fcs kit was better
Ek9 Luis
Ek9 Luis 8 日 前
About time been waiting for a ek update 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Braggenrites 8 日 前
All this time waiting on a EK update only to see you guys mostly montage it. Super Disappointing
David Scott
David Scott 8 日 前
PLEASE do an Altezza
joel legaspi jr.
joel legaspi jr. 8 日 前
Awesome videos. I hope u can build my car for free😂
Tynosy 8 日 前
Yess 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙏🏻been waiting for the return of the freak , more videos of it please 😂
ODB TV 9 日 前
Boom Squad
Boom Squad 10 日 前
Woot woot
Nathan William
Nathan William 10 日 前
You guys are so humble. What you’re “building” is complex and complicated. Don’t sell yourself short.
Rosco Wheels
Rosco Wheels 10 日 前
We’re going McD trays for budget reasons on ours 😛 stoked to see this car getting some attention again!
clarksgwad 10 日 前
Finally the Honda is back
The Enlightened One
The Enlightened One 11 日 前
Build a lancer sportback! That would be awesome!
Shorty V.
Shorty V. 11 日 前
Why y’all hyped about this video? This is the consolation prize of videos. I don’t even like Hondas but I like this build. Instead we been given shit Subaru content n what ever bullshit Evan wants to buy. Guess it’s better than nothing.
Victorious 11 日 前
PLEASE Build an altezza. Hands down favorite car.
Danny Ortega
Danny Ortega 11 日 前
Bro swear i was subscribed to this chanell
Carlo Cloete
Carlo Cloete 11 日 前
Whoopa...been waiting patiently for civic content 👌
Cody Green
Cody Green 11 日 前
I seriously haven't watched any of your other videos or builds because honestly this was all I wanted to see.
JP Motorsport
JP Motorsport 11 日 前
This build is so sick guys, you just do everything properly and with the best bits available, all your builds are just 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏, keep up the sick builds / vlogs. 😎🙏👍
Santiago Reyes
Santiago Reyes 11 日 前
The forgotten project
Matthew Nickolas
Matthew Nickolas 11 日 前
Man I love your channel man.throtal yall are doing it right.s1 is the way to go .a good friend of mine.i got his awd kit for my rsx an love it.cant wait to see u rippin.with s1 you wont get cought slippin that's for shure.#s1 built all the way, #boostlife
Rasmus Westeraa
Rasmus Westeraa 11 日 前
It would be awsome to for you to build an e30 m3
Roy Matthew Pingol
Roy Matthew Pingol 11 日 前
Finally! We've been waiting so long for this the frEK 🙌🏻
Travisimo 11 日 前
Done absolutely NOTHING in the video.. lets put the first ad at 1minute mark.. 😒😒
Ega Putra
Ega Putra 11 日 前
Yang channel otomotif nya throtl sama garasi drift. Kita satu frekuensi..
LilHazardX24 11 日 前
Who else shuts their eyes when they are welding? Just natural habit from working at a shop lol
Elan Erlian
Elan Erlian 11 日 前
Ponchai Siripo
Ponchai Siripo 11 日 前
I have always followed me. I like what you do.
Joshua Agcon
Joshua Agcon 11 日 前
Afeef Yakub
Afeef Yakub 12 日 前
What happened to SOS Customs?
Jay Bengco
Jay Bengco 12 日 前
Waiting for the used wheels.. Lol 😂 🤣
John Lee
John Lee 12 日 前
This thing look good without a new paint job
Omar Quirola
Omar Quirola 12 日 前
Love it! I'm also planning to do an AWD on mines and what type of rear spoiler is on the EK?
Maliki panda panda
Maliki panda panda 12 日 前
please dont paint the carbon fiber part plssssss ,
Daniel Gabrieles
Daniel Gabrieles 12 日 前
That's what I'm saying!! Finally going to get done about the same time as Broke Boys' K24 civic!
Dave Froman
Dave Froman 12 日 前
350 hp? Don't let Brett from PFI Speed see this video. He might die of laughter.
Ash Cadelanne
Ash Cadelanne 12 日 前
Are S1 really that good or did you just want to replace FCS because you “no longer have a working relationship with them”?
Edgar 12 日 前
@osha 14:00 that guy right there
Roy Gonzalez
Roy Gonzalez 12 日 前
S1 Built parts is legit!!!
Jason Stott
Jason Stott 12 日 前
An IS300 build would be EPIC.
Kyle Trent
Kyle Trent 12 日 前
If the radiator is sitting lower than the coolant passages in the motor, is it the high point for bleeding? I'm not there but looks lower. Maybe just something to look at.
Maze Tv
Maze Tv 12 日 前
This thing got me hyped!!!!
Jason Snodgrass
Jason Snodgrass 12 日 前
Leo Mangahas
Leo Mangahas 12 日 前
S1 Built for the win!
Oscar De La Torre
Oscar De La Torre 12 日 前
If its not em1 blue ill be really sad lol anything but red really
Mark 12 日 前
Yaaass, finally! Nice to see some Civic content :D
Warren Pike
Warren Pike 12 日 前
Fixing Honda’s biggest mistake 👍🏻🔥
Leutnant Delta
Leutnant Delta 12 日 前
Team boosted in the videos is very nice
Oliver Ross
Oliver Ross 12 日 前
Boom! 5k
Fabio Ghirardi
Fabio Ghirardi 12 日 前
paint the civic in Alfa Romeo Red (metallic like 8c competizione)
Jeff Sculthorp
Jeff Sculthorp 12 日 前
Yes to a Alteeza build! And I love the use of the hockey stick.
joshua ennis
joshua ennis 12 日 前
You know damn right!!!!!
DrivenFilms Photography
DrivenFilms Photography 12 日 前
H series love!:)
Sam_ Builds
Sam_ Builds 12 日 前
Yes 100% is300 build
skateecho 12 日 前
so hyped to see the progress on the civic. its so satisfying seeing you guys weld up and fab for the civic! cant wait to see how it turns out!
Kawain Sterling
Kawain Sterling 12 日 前
ianblake1980 12 日 前
keep the 5 lugs and keep all that nice pieces unpainted they look so cool like that ...
90's Acura Garage
90's Acura Garage 12 日 前
GoblinPhreak 12 日 前
Just putting speed holes in metal isn't enough. You have to dimple die that shit to add structural integrity.... just fyi.
GoblinPhreak 12 日 前
Always wanted a RWD honda, but that's why I bought an s2000 and drove that around for awhile. Learned to drift in my s2k. Then traded that in for an STI and started doing AWD skids.
Streets_lifestyleja 12 日 前
Been waiting for this for soooo longg🙃 Anyways if you read I pray for nothing but endless blessings on to your life as well as all the members of throtl if they see this as well🙏
Kevin Jerome
Kevin Jerome 12 日 前
My favorite build. Good job fellas
Jae Jai
Jae Jai 12 日 前
Hai Iam from Malaysia huge fans
azharsyarawi 12 日 前
The wait seems to be absolutely worth it👍👍👍
Ahmad Baihaqy
Ahmad Baihaqy 12 日 前
GuyBroDudeTV 12 日 前
I have been waiting so long for the civic build videos to return! Cannot wait for the next one!
Good Citizen
Good Citizen 12 日 前
Just something I noticed but that bar to "capture" the dash and hold it could potentially be a safety hazard in an accident. If the driver is hit from the side-front that bar could bend in as he's being flung forward and it'll go right thru that plastic dash, impaling the driver. Be safe fellas!
Gerald Escueta
Gerald Escueta 12 日 前
Finally, the update ive been waiting for
Customs By Kyle D
Customs By Kyle D 12 日 前
Is300 build plz n give me it 🥺
Christopher Blake
Christopher Blake 12 日 前
Why would you guys go for 350hp with a turbo k series do that na
eman vz
eman vz 12 日 前
Wow an actual real build... *cough DDE *cough
Ryan Bocchino
Ryan Bocchino 12 日 前
This thing is fuckin wild dude. Can’t wait to see it doing some sweet skids.
Ultra Kaboom
Ultra Kaboom 12 日 前
Nice to see the #thefrek again ❤
Isaac James
Isaac James 12 日 前
Devante-Jospeh Edman
Devante-Jospeh Edman 12 日 前
Taylor ray they're coping ohhhhh I'm snitching
Steve Antic
Steve Antic 12 日 前
Farewell_ To_Normalcy
Farewell_ To_Normalcy 12 日 前
2:13 it’s good to see George Lucas is still keeping himself busy
Pace Beazy
Pace Beazy 12 日 前
Lasssssskkkkkkkoooooooo been waiting for this
Herwald 12 日 前
Amazing cool stuff rear subframe 👍🏻
jerry henderson
jerry henderson 12 日 前
This and the electric Z are my 2 favorites from this channel .
short vidz
short vidz 12 日 前
Well finally something that's worth watching been waiting
James McMahon
James McMahon 12 日 前
This build is far more interesting than slapping a couple of sponsor parts on a car.
keep it zipped
keep it zipped 12 日 前
Williams yellow please
Olong Olong
Olong Olong 12 日 前
Maybe a AE86 build with beams swap?????
Benny van den Bulk
Benny van den Bulk 13 日 前
Finally civic content!!!
Auto Passion 27
Auto Passion 27 13 日 前
I’ve been waiting for this project for so long, so cool to see the progress! 😁
Kaneda 13 日 前
toyota altezza build yes
jim chris
jim chris 13 日 前
Someday there will be a kit for silvia differential for civic rwd conversion, cause everyone use it
YTdxcn 13 日 前
what’s up with that eg hatch? 🤨
Travis Massingale
Travis Massingale 13 日 前
80's music was my fav part
Francisco Rodriguez
Francisco Rodriguez 13 日 前
How’s the reef tank ?
T Nyce
T Nyce 13 日 前
Ricky is right, 😂😂😂 can’t talk if you don’t know the name of the show....plus, him not knowing it made me feel old 🥲
Yasthil Bhownath
Yasthil Bhownath 13 日 前
That glove box... that’s a sweeeeeeet touch
B Pi
B Pi 13 日 前
Fresh principe 🤣🤣
Dean R
Dean R 13 日 前
Taylor Ray setup.. copy paste.. hmm
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